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13/01/2011 a las 11:23

please identify thnx


Fuente identificada

House Brush  Sugerido por tophy52 

Fuentes sugeridas

Niiiii-trous  Sugerido por tophy52 
Zephyrean BRK  Sugerido por tophy52 
Drid-herder  Sugerido por tophy52 
Morgan Big Bold  Sugerido por tophy52 

13/01/2011 a las 15:56

Choice 1
but center of letters is rectangular
Fuente sugerida: Niiiii-trous

13/01/2011 a las 15:57

Choice 2
Fuente sugerida: Zephyrean BRK

14/01/2011 a las 01:52

Tohpy i don't think they mean the digg logo, i think they mean the fonts around it

14/01/2011 a las 13:38

He wrote digg in the title

Revision is House Brush
Fuente identificada: House Brush

14/01/2011 a las 14:00

For digg
here is the answer on the Revision3 board of diggnation itself:

Originally Posted by Clark05 View Post
Does anyone know what font is used for "digg"?

- Thats something people have been trying to figure out since diggs launch, although its most likely there own logo and not just a font

We can always try searching for close ones...

14/01/2011 a las 14:15

Here is the real large diggnation logo

work with this.
Fuente sugerida: Drid-herder

14/01/2011 a las 14:39

Nation could be based on Morgan Big Bold, stretched.
Fuente sugerida: Morgan Big Bold

14/01/2011 a las 21:42

i know but he could of met like all the fonts

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