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05/05/2012 a las 16:37

Hello everybody!

I'm desperatly looking for examples for the usage of the font "Banco" by Roger Excoffon (i only came across the Natty Dread Album Cover by Bob Marley so far...)

I'd be very very thankful for any idea or hint!

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08/05/2012 a las 12:49

Extract from a book on Roger Excoffon (in french)
Some examples inside, maybe more in the full version of this book

08/05/2012 a las 12:50

08/05/2012 a las 12:52

08/05/2012 a las 12:55

08/05/2012 a las 12:55

08/05/2012 a las 12:56

ok, i found your Graal :
Enjoy !

08/05/2012 a las 14:19

Graal?? Holy Graal!!

12/05/2012 a las 11:46

YEAH! that's more than i hoped for! thanks a lot!

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