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Lehman Brothes Font ID

30/04/2012 a las 11:15

I ran it through on whatfontis a couple of times, but no consistent answer and estimated fonts weren't accurate enough. Image via wiki.
It's probably something generic but i can't put my finger to it ...

Thank you very much.

Lehman Brothes Font ID

Fuente identificada

LTC Kennerley Bold Pro   Sugerido por pilaster   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Kingsley   Sugerido por pilaster   (ver el post)

30/04/2012 a las 12:15

Possibly Kingsley?
Fuente sugerida: Kingsley

30/04/2012 a las 12:17

Is is strikingly similar ... Thanks. Any other suggestions?

30/04/2012 a las 12:23

Plenty of similar here:

30/04/2012 a las 12:30

Some more rooting found this
LTC Kennerley Bold Pro
Uppercase and Smallcaps?
Fuente identificada: LTC Kennerley Bold Pro

Editado el 30/04/2012 a las 12:31 por pilaster

30/04/2012 a las 13:03

Thank you very much for input, pilaster. LTC Kennerley Bold Pro it is.

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