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Finding someone

07/01/2011 a las 11:59

How do i find someone that is a non author? i have this friend and her selections are nice and i want to get them but i cant find her? anyone help please!

07/01/2011 a las 13:19

Have you tried the telephone directory?

09/01/2011 a las 02:55

um i meant on here? i want to view someones selections but i dont know how to find their profile? if thats even possible on here?

09/01/2011 a las 05:36

Oh I misread this post. -----0-0-0-0-

Try googling the screenname, if you get too many results add the word dafont to it.

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09/01/2011 a las 12:07

thx that helped a bit. i guess i'll figure it out someday :P

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