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what is the name of this font please!!!!

25/03/2012 a las 19:22

some one help me!!!

what  is the name of this font please!!!!

Fuentes identificadas

Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting  Sugerido por Myotis 
Scriptina  Sugerido por frd 

25/03/2012 a las 19:25

F modified or taken from another font...
Fuente identificada: Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting

Editado el 25/03/2012 a las 19:29 por Myotis

25/03/2012 a las 19:32

Indeed, the "F" seems to come from Scriptina.
Fuente identificada: Scriptina

25/03/2012 a las 19:55

thx so much is the combination 2 fonts!!!

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