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Taking ages to install?!

19/02/2012 a las 14:38

I've downloaded two fonts,they autmatically saved in my "downloads" folder, so I unzipped them, but when I right click and install the TTF, it's not doing anything. I just get my swirly egg timer and no font! I had to go through task manager and close the last one after giving up after 30mins! Any idea's what I'm doing wrong?
I'm using Windows 7 if that's any use. The only thing I can think of is that there are 2 users on the computer, my boyfriend has the "administrator" title but I put his password in and it went through ok?

19/02/2012 a las 15:46

What fonts are you trying to install? Some fonts on this site have a lot of detail, making them very big font files that some computers may have trouble installing.

19/02/2012 a las 16:07

One is Before the Rain, and the other is Volutes.

19/02/2012 a las 17:11

Goto the unzipped (not yet installed) ttf file and double-click. The fond should open in Windows Lettertype-viewer. If that does not work something went wrong during the download. If that does work, Måns Grebäck the author has not been very nice pumping the ttf files full with useless glyphs to make you buy the full version. Communications overkill. Then try to install one by one instead of three in one go.

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