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Font installation changes system font

16/02/2012 a las 23:45

I just installed Pix Chicago -- just what I needed to put text on a small button. However, when I installed it on my Windows XP computer, the system font changed to it! It's a nice font, but a little larger than the former one, and so I can't see some things as well. In any case, I didn't want to do this!

Rather than go poking around to try to find out how to change this back I may just uninstall it when I'm through using it, but I don't know if that will cause other problems!

Anyone have any ideas?

17/02/2012 a las 08:51

i really don't understand...

17/02/2012 a las 09:08

Well, this is more a Windows problem than a font issue. However, have you tried looking in the control panel, in the "Display" area ? If I remember well, this is where you can change the system font in Windows XP (not 100% sure though).

If it doesn't work, you should try a Windows forum.

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