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13/02/2012 a las 20:46

I request delete my font created "Terecodeco"
I already sent an email last week asking to delete it and today it has over 1000 downloads, I do not want anyone to download this font, please delete my "Terecodeco" Site Dafont, urgent!

This can occur if the process, I have documented the email I requested the withdrawal of the font site Dafont when she had no download. Please take now, delete the "Terecodeco" Dafont site.

Looking forward to the clarification of the site Dafont.

13/02/2012 a las 23:50

Was it a bad version or something?

13/02/2012 a las 23:59

Jaynz ha dicho  
Was it a bad version or something?

6, 9, o, O. No consistency with the rest.

14/02/2012 a las 07:42

Then, wouldn't it be easier to just replace it with a newer version? I update my fonts all the time.

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