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not the logo.

13/12/2010 a las 05:15

Royal Acidbath is not what i want. The font used for all the other text. i've been trying to find this font forever. notice how the r's and the k's narrow out

not the logo.

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13/12/2010 a las 23:17

Well, It Does Look a Bit Like Royal Acidbath, Which it probably is Just Modified, I'd say so but i could Be wrong

14/12/2010 a las 10:18

yeah i wish Royal Acidbath was this font but it's really cartoony and bubbley

14/12/2010 a las 10:27

haha YESS! It's the same font as used in the logo too
Fuente identificada: Parkinson

14/12/2010 a las 16:41

See i was close but wasn't close enough

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