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Twincam 16Valve font?

27/10/2010 a las 23:19

Can you guys identify the font that form the TWINCAM 16VALVE decals? Thank you

Twincam 16Valve font?

Fuentes sugeridas

Earth   Sugerido por dfcrux   (ver el post)
Terminator Real NFI   Sugerido por deds   (ver el post)

28/10/2010 a las 03:08

looks to be "Earth" but you may need to edit or replace the "A" and "T."
Fuente sugerida: Earth

28/10/2010 a las 11:23

similar (without A, W & M slightly modified).
Fuente sugerida: Terminator Real NFI

28/10/2010 a las 12:11

Thank you. Using those two I think I'll be able to mimic the original
You've been great.

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