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"Everyday im shufflin" help!

08/08/2011 a las 05:29

What's the font on "everyday im" and "shufflin" ?

"Everyday im shufflin" help!

Fuentes identificadas

Franklin Gothic Heavy  Sugerido por notfon1234 
Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed  Sugerido por notfon1234 

08/08/2011 a las 05:38

"SHUFFLIN" appears to be Franklin Gothic Heavy, But possibly condensed slightly?
Fuente identificada: Franklin Gothic Heavy

Editado el 08/08/2011 a las 05:42 por notfon1234

08/08/2011 a las 05:42

The rest all seems to be Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed but I might be wrong considering there is a huge graphic blocking some details in the font itself.
Fuente identificada: Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed

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