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Help pls!

05/08/2011 a las 01:13

Does anyone know the name of this font?? I know the T is modified but the other letters?? Please and Thanks!

Help pls!

Fuentes identificadas

Chopin Script   Sugerido por claudeserieux   (ver el post)
Snell Roundhand Bold Script   Sugerido por rocamaco   (ver el post)

05/08/2011 a las 01:31

T -> Chopin Script
Fuente identificada: Chopin Script

05/08/2011 a las 01:35

"eresa" is also modified ( "espinada" )...
Fuente identificada: Snell Roundhand Bold Script

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05/08/2011 a las 01:36

05/08/2011 a las 01:44

thank you so much

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