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Twinnings Packaging Fonts?

04/08/2011 a las 08:13

Need a close font to the Twinnings typeface if at all possible. Help please! thanks!

Twinnings Packaging Fonts?

Fuentes sugeridas

Copperplate Gothic Bold  Sugerido por notfon1234 
Times New Roman Bold Condensed  Sugerido por frd 

04/08/2011 a las 18:33

A very close font would be Times New Roman Bold Condensed (see link below). But the logo might be custom.

05/08/2011 a las 02:07

Thanks I think thats almost exactly right, do you have any idea what the lady grey text might be?

05/08/2011 a las 02:26

Fuente sugerida: Copperplate Gothic Bold

05/08/2011 a las 04:48

Better TWININGS logo.

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