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Help Please

30/10/2013 a las 00:52

Looking for this font or similar.
Would prefer a version that does not have to have the 'eroded' look to it. but either is fine.

Help Please

Fuente identificada

SkyFall Done   Sugerido por skomii   (ver el post)

Fuentes sugeridas

Telegrafico   Sugerido por estabros   (ver el post)
CGW Sans   Sugerido por estabros   (ver el post)
Neutraface   Sugerido por estabros   (ver el post)

30/10/2013 a las 00:56

Fuente sugerida: Neutraface

30/10/2013 a las 00:58

this is very similar. I can see a difference in the 'E' for example though.

Thank you

30/10/2013 a las 01:04

try this font
Fuente sugerida: Telegrafico

30/10/2013 a las 01:05

or this
Fuente sugerida: CGW Sans

30/10/2013 a las 01:29

thank you for all the help!!

30/10/2013 a las 21:00

edwardthebrand ha dicho  (ver el post)
thank you for all the help!!

you're welcome

31/10/2013 a las 00:19

Fuente identificada: SkyFall Done

31/10/2013 a las 00:32

Skyfall it is!

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