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This or the Apocalypse

18/09/2010 a las 22:13

The top font, not underneath

This or the Apocalypse

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Fuente identificada

LHF Hamilton Ornate  Sugerido por tophy52 

21/10/2010 a las 21:10

It IS a font. but i just can't remember the name, I did work for them a few months back so i should still have the font, just an FYI, it's not Free.

EDIT: The Font is Called LHF Ambrosia.
Fuente sugerida: LHF Ambrosia
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22/10/2010 a las 21:04

Thanks man, i really appreciate it

22/10/2010 a las 21:38

Same website, different font!
Fuente identificada: LHF Hamilton Ornate

22/10/2010 a las 21:42

There is no way i can get these free???
i dont have an online way to buy things right now

22/10/2010 a las 21:45


23/10/2010 a las 21:56

Ok yeah i was Close lol. but You can't get them for free. the only one you could get for free was the one i suggested.

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