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Please Identify This Font! Needed urgently!

18/09/2010 a las 21:32

This font may also be seen throughout the subtitles of this video:

Its first appearance is at 0:05 on the lower half, then it appears frequently in the form of subtitles. I REALLY need this font ASAP!! Please help, and any and all posts are appreciated!!

Its most prominent feature are the extended/elongated "T"s.

Please Identify This Font! Needed urgently!

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Fuente identificada

Florencesans  Sugerido por koeiekat 

18/09/2010 a las 21:50

Should also add that the lowercase "f" is also elongated.

19/09/2010 a las 09:39

Fuente identificada: Florencesans

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