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font id please

18/07/2013 a las 15:59

Does any recognise this? Thank you.

font id please

Fuente identificada

Sonic Cut Thru Heavy  Sugerido por SashiX 

18/07/2013 a las 16:01

Fuente identificada: Sonic Cut Thru Heavy

18/07/2013 a las 16:07

Thanks SashiX, it's not quite the same but close enough that I can work with it. Thank you.

18/07/2013 a las 16:31

that's a vectorized font, all letters have some minor differences. Looks like they used Sonic Cut Thru Heavy and added that line, like in Sonic Extra Bold.

18/07/2013 a las 17:21

Yes, they've done a few changes to the letters so I've used Sonic Extra Bold, added the extra cut lines and modified the insides of the R to match the original design.
Thanks again for your help, you saved me a good half hour of digitising.

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