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What's this font ?

02/05/2011 a las 18:02

What's this font ?

Fuentes sugeridas

Spyroclassic Modified  Sugerido por iHeartGomez 
Opticon One  Sugerido por LittleSunshiine 
Eurofurence Modified  Sugerido por teamdameron 

29/06/2011 a las 09:56

Identified font : Spyroclassic

Editado el 29/06/2011 a las 09:56 por valentmont

29/06/2011 a las 13:11

Fuente sugerida: Opticon One

30/06/2011 a las 03:16

Fuente sugerida: Spyroclassic Modified

01/07/2011 a las 02:31

Éléa J.M ha dicho  
What's this font ?

Fuente sugerida: Eurofurence Modified

01/07/2011 a las 23:49

I read somewhere (it was a while ago so I don't have a source) that all of Selena's fonts are customized and will not be released publicly.
For The First album I would suggest Eurofurence Modified (Already Suggested) and for the Second i would suggest Spyroclassic or Syproclassic Modified (Already Suggested).
Hope this helps.

06/07/2011 a las 18:13

Ok, thank you so much, guys ! ^^
I think I'll just remove the "bar" to "A"!

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