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Could someone tell me these fonts?

28/04/2011 a las 01:16

Could someone please tell me what ALL of the fonts are on this image? Both of the ones that say Asylum, as well, if possible. Thanks(:

Could someone tell me these fonts?

Fuentes identificadas

Ambulance Shotgun  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Jellyka Western Princess  Sugerido por rocamaco 
Times New Yorker  Sugerido por rocamaco 

28/04/2011 a las 01:18

Fuente identificada: Ambulance Shotgun

28/04/2011 a las 01:19

"Welcom to the..."
Fuente identificada: Jellyka Western Princess

28/04/2011 a las 01:21

Fuente identificada: Times New Yorker

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