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Once Upon a Time

16/05/2013 a las 05:13

Anyone knows both font of "The Complete First Season" and "Once"

Once Upon a Time

Fuente identificada

Gotham  Sugerido por fmontpetit 

Fuentes sugeridas

Century Gothic  Sugerido por fontanoues67 
Futura Classic  Sugerido por fontanoues67 

19/05/2013 a las 01:59

Anyone knows both font of "The Complete First Season" and "Once"

19/05/2013 a las 12:03

Two similar fonts could be Champagne & Limousines and Century Gothic, but it isn't it.

19/05/2013 a las 13:36

Fuente identificada: Gotham

19/05/2013 a las 15:41

I Tried Mostra But the "N" is too narrow.. Century Gothic Can Be On the Other Hand...
Fuente sugerida: Century Gothic

19/05/2013 a las 16:11

Also You Can try Futura Classic
Fuente sugerida: Futura Classic

21/05/2013 a las 04:14

Well Thank you fontanoues67; I think I'll stick with 'THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON'font!

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