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The Artist title slide font?

24/04/2013 a las 04:26

Can anyone recommend a font similar to this one? Is there an easy way to blur the edges like in this photo? Thanks

The Artist title slide font?

Fuente identificada

LT Oksana   Sugerido por skomii   (ver el post)

Fuente sugerida

Nite Club   Sugerido por Design13   (ver el post)

24/04/2013 a las 04:37

Fuente sugerida: Nite Club

24/04/2013 a las 05:03

Not sure about the quotation marks...
Fuente identificada: LT Oksana

25/04/2013 a las 02:49

Thank you. Definitely looks like LT Oksana. Do you know how to blur the edges the way it is in the title slide? Also, any idea how to solve the italics issue?

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