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Amalia P  23/11/2007
i luv this font but why is it listed with lotr?
Icheeva  19/06/2008
I really like this font =D thanks for making it
sdterp  06/03/2009
This is a great quality font. Even when making the font very large, it is clear and only when you increase it to about 150+ do you see any noticeable rough edges where the letters curve. Very nice even nicer than many fonts I've paid for.
johan.backman  10/02/2010
Yes, this is a great quality font. It's EF Gandalf from Elsner+Flake.

Well done copying it though...
abbiej  01/11/2010
This font is gorgeous....

but won't download onto my comp...says its not a valid font file and cant be installed? =( any way i can get this on my laptop?
philippedada  14/01/2011
the original is not from Elsner+Flake, but from Casady & Greene, called Kells:
behigdon  03/07/2013
Could you send me information on commercial use?
katie23  15/02/2015
Could you send me information on commercial use?

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