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NikkiGirl8  19/08/2012
Thank you very much! This a great font!
preston0518  20/02/2013
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font? Email: tiffany.lauren.baker@gmail.com Thanks!
TracieHenkel  18/03/2013
May I use your font in a publication for our non-profit organization? email "info[at]mache[dot]org" with "Note to Editor" in the subject line. Thank you
gustavoyogin  23/03/2013
Hello, could I use this font in my website? What kind of permission do I need and how much would you charge me?

thanks a lot
sjlichtenwald  29/07/2013
Great font! I'd love to incorporate this into a new logo/wordmark for my church - what sort of permission do I need from you, and if you require payment, what amount would you be looking to have donated? (email sjlichtenwald@gmail.com) Thank you!
niziolek  26/12/2013
I was just wondering if I could use this font commercially?
Email karnizia@gmail.com Thanks!
gueriitaaa  30/12/2013
I love this font! But the upside-down question mark is facing the wrong direction. Was this intentional?
Sylbab  25/01/2014
I really like your font. Do you give me permission to use it on a store above an exhibition? Do I need to pay a licence or something? My mail: sylbab@yahoo.fr
Many thanks!
kfruehe  10/02/2014
Love this font. Is it available for commercial use!?

Lemme know!

esteban21  08/04/2014
Is it available for commercial use? estebanmuniz21@gmail.com
Xime55  07/05/2014
Same question: ist is available for commercial use? Thank's a lot. chimenehenriquez@hotmail.com
JudahC  04/06/2014
What are the terms and permissions for commercial use? Please email: judith2210@hotmail.com .Thank you!
pixelpouce  16/06/2014
I am contacting you about quicksand font which is very great one!
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font or I need to pay a licence ?
Thanks for your answer !
phreekz  15/07/2014
Beautiful font! I was wondering if I could possibly use this font on one of our clients websites? Would I be allowed to create a webfont (font-face) from this?


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