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destinycompelled  15/10/2009
I would like to know more about the history of this font and the author please. I am doing a typography project at school and would like to feature the author. Thank you so much.
Wizargond  01/05/2010
Hello, I would like to know if I can use this font on a music cd cover, as for an artist's Logo. Can I actually do it ? Do I have to BUY the font, or anything like that to have the right to do it?
computerprep  28/05/2010
Very classy font overall. I would enjoy seeing one without the transparent spots. I would definitely download another if the spots were filled in and the serifs a little cleaner.

Good job.
XRedWitchX  01/06/2010
:O i love it. Personally, i like the transparent spots... Thanks so much!
mtrenchwench  01/12/2012
Hey! this is the marianas trench every after font!
liperdo  14/07/2013
Oh! It's very vintage and classical. I like it! Thanks!
warshade  16/01/2014
I would like to use this font on the cover and title pages of a book I am working on. Where do I go to get permission?
pascalmarch  20/01/2014
I would also like to use this font for my logo, how can I purchase?
jkriske1  10/04/2014
I would like to use this font in a logo. Where do I go to get permission?
LunaScamander17  01/06/2014
great Pirates Of Caribbean there! ;)
jmcgurren  17/07/2014
Hi Steve,
Love the font. I am working on a documentary/story about a cancer survivor. We would love to use it in the project title could you please contact me here about permission? Willing to pay.

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