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shasha123  31/12/2009
shoosho lost
DavidBrennan  11/12/2012
Thanks a ton. I needed this to evoke a sense of seriousness to a little graphic of a bill in an animation. Looks great. Thanks again and God bless!
MrExclusive  22/01/2014
Good Day Sir! I am just wondering if this font can be used commercially? this is a wonderful font you got here I must say
Cpr.Sparhelt  autor de Old Stamper   05/02/2014
You can use, of course!
lewroberts  13/03/2014
Great font! I'm trying to use it in PowerPoint but can't figure out how to "close" the stamp. Anytime I try to use ] or } at the end of the stamp, it adds a line after the end of the stamp at the top & bottom -- almost as if I've pressed spacebar, but I haven't. Is this a PowerPoint quirk or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!
lewroberts  13/03/2014
For anyone else having the same problem, here's a work-around that someone else suggested:

AsGSnak Jan 21, 2014
Same thing happens here. I found a quick and easy way to solve it. Kinda...
Select the extra part, and just change the size to 1, or simply change the color to white or some color that would be invisible...
Cpr.Sparhelt  autor de Old Stamper   19/03/2014
I have absolutely no idea why this extra space occures and how to avoid it. I have never had this issue tho. Use that trick @lewroberts mentioned above.
LonestarDan  23/05/2014
How do you open and close the stamp?
Cpr.Sparhelt  autor de Old Stamper   06/06/2014
You can do it by [] & {} characters.
Azathoth31  29/06/2014
Hello, thank you for this very nice font
I've used the font for a logo, and I'd like to use the logo comercially, is there a license to purchase ?
Cpr.Sparhelt  autor de Old Stamper   16/07/2014
There's no license needed, the font is free. But you can support me by donating, if you want, I will appreciate it!

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