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skomii  10/05/2013
Gunarta  10/05/2013
great caps!
EmiliaR  11/05/2013
Brilliant work :) May I use this font on my site! Thanks in advance!
LooneyTunerIan  12/05/2013
It is... The Paramount Font!
Mr. X  12/05/2013
That Must be the classic paramount font
dakshinamurti  13/05/2013
It looks like lobster doesn't it?
Tkelson  15/05/2013
Godamit! Very Nice!
salmacordero  17/05/2013
nice font how do you do it
malvolio  03/06/2013
dakshinamurti, it does not look like Lobster at all.
lov2teach  29/06/2013
Thank you for your font!
WALKLAR  07/08/2013
Please can someone help? I've downloaded this font but when I try to use it in word, it doesn't work?
bacall  28/01/2015
Unfortunately it doesn't work in Word for me either but for some strange reason it works in Notepad!
SummerLoverNan  02/03/2015
Can't use it directly in Word 2010 or Publisher 2010 but I could use it in OneNote, copy it onto a W or P doc and then change size, add words, etc. Works fine just round about. Go figure!

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