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Doomsday  02/08/2010

was würde eine Nutzung für meine Band kosten?

bl4kers  06/08/2012
I know this font. It is used in the Pendragon book series. My absolute favorite!
WriterBri  08/08/2012
I am a writer and am getting ready to publish my first book. If I like this font, could I use it completely free, royalty-free, with no print limits? If you could get back to me, that'd be great!
kroltan  25/08/2012
This font is used for quest headings in World of Warcraft. Also, is it free for unlimited use?
UbiRock  27/04/2015
i want The Witcher font!!!
stormowl7  27/07/2015
I sent an email to the creator of this font about three weeks ago, but I'm still not getting a response. Is there another way to contact them? I'd really like to buy/use this asap!

Thank you! :)
AnonymousFontGuy  30/09/2015
Fine job! Fonts that have it all are VERY hard to come by. Well done!

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