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malvolio  25/09/2012
I like it very much.
MOFPHC  05/12/2012
This one is just beautiful! Thanks
fortyfive  13/06/2013
Love this font! Would you consider a bold version of it? Would love to see the bold pop off the page!
koeiekat  autor de Monogram KK   13/06/2013
Why would you want that?
designgirl  01/08/2013
How do I purchase a commercial license? I tried emailing, but it gets sent back as undeliverable. Thanks!
fortyfive  13/10/2013
So sorry I am so delayed in responding. I was hoping for a bold version to thicken up the super skinny parts of the letters. Maybe the word bold was not the correct term. I apologize.
msox  24/10/2013
I'm interested in purchasing a commercial license. It's a time sensitive project, so please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you so much! PS love the font.
syeann1988  28/10/2013
I'm interested in a commerical license. Can you tell me the cost and how to go about getting one?

shmily78  20/11/2013
I would like the price for the commercial license also.
Momoffourboys  18/12/2013
I'm getting this font for personal use on Christmas gifts I'm making for family members but I'm curious about one thing....seeing it says personal use only, how are hundreds of other websites/blogs giving this same exact font away for free even for non personal use? Who is the original creator of this font?
dcubana24  29/12/2013
Can I purchase a commercial license for this font?
juliagriffey  03/02/2014
Can I purchase a commercial license as well?
abennett514  24/02/2014
I would like to purchase a commercial license for this font. How do I do that?
KPDesigns  28/03/2014
Hi! How do I go about getting a commercial license for this font? Thanks!
ajmchumphrey  10/04/2014
LOVE IT! Please let me know about a commercial license
iceeu2  04/05/2014
Please send me details on a commercial license for this font, it's gorgeous.

iceeu2  01/06/2014
Doesn't do a whole lot of good to even have a place to leave messages when they never reply to them. Same with her/his website, no replies are ever sent.
amandanicole817  06/07/2014
Please send me details on obtaining a commercial license for this font.
jdmalone75  02/08/2014
Can I have the details for the commercial license as well?
pixiestick  29/08/2014
Please contact me a son as possible regarding price for commercial license.
Brad458  23/11/2014
I'm wanting to use your Monogram KK in some print work, and was wanted to know how I can get a commercial license. Please let me know.
niki8557  17/12/2014
how do I add this font to my silhouette cameo?

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