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ericamianscum  18/03/2009
how can i use this font on a bebo skin i wanna make ?
laurenepa  27/04/2009
Hello. I would like to buy this font, how can i contact you?
Thank for your answer.
Belinda_M  06/09/2009
Just wondering how I can purchase this font?
Clodster  23/03/2010
Hi I'd also like to know where I can purchase this font.

Any tips v welcome!

kellybrozyna  01/06/2010
Where can I purchase this font, please?
Bartels  22/09/2010
I'd also(!) want to know where I can purchase this font.
Someone an Idea?

sandy sherman  24/09/2010
i'd like to buy this font too,
any contact info?

GloriaGypsy  08/10/2010
I found out he has a read me file here

that is suppose to be included in the font download.
fergum1  28/01/2011
This is a RIP OFF of the font "Adage Script". A poor rip off. Take a look at it closely and you can see that it is not rendered smoothly.
heathert  06/11/2011
Wow, good call fergum1. =(
Mike Allard  autor de Lauren Script   03/03/2012
If you want to reach me, write me at
Mike Allard  autor de Lauren Script   03/03/2012
My font was created before 2002, when Adage Script came along. Looks like they cleaned up my early work. Good on them.
SpaceOctopus  24/12/2012
I hate people who talk shit about a font saying it's a rip off, without even bothering to look at dates. Stupid morons.
missyonmadison  11/06/2014
I downloaded this font and the tops and bottoms of certain letters are getting cut off in Microsoft Word...any suggestions?

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