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Poemhaiku  autor de Haikus Script   10/09/2011
Down the file below if you see this font displayed incorrectly:
littlesirens  04/10/2011
Beautiful! May I use for commercial purposes? littlesirens@gmail.com
songtaeil  24/10/2011
it is cool font. I love it. thank you.
please e-mail me at songtaeil@gmail.com if it is not free
Jacinta1234  29/08/2012
Great! May I use for commercial purposes? Thanks - Jacinta ... Email: jacinta.hayden@hermesps.co.uk
wisher  22/02/2013
can i use this for my logo? email: c.curelli@gmail.com thanks!
soobean3  22/12/2013
Hello! Can I use this font for my logo? steph.soo@gmail.com
uttercaro  14/06/2014
Lovely work. It's hard to believe this is your first font!
sluiere  27/07/2014
May I use this for my Etsy store?
ekaypil  22/02/2015
Hi may I use for my logo? Thanks! ypil.erika@gmail.com
BrittanyEhlers  01/04/2015
Beautiful font! Do you mind if I use for my logo and website? brittanyehlers91@gmail.com
Drew89  31/08/2015
Beautiful font! Would I be able to use this
for my company logo? Please contact me whenever your
available. sub_address@aol.jp thanks
Interested in using this commercially, please contact ks@kristinasvensson.com
LeafEater  12/09/2015
I'm interested in using this font for commercial use. Please email me when you get the opportunity.

shweta2092  19/10/2015
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. Kindly email me when you see this. :)

can i use this for my logo? email: mous.jbeili@gmail.com thanks!
chaiko64  29/10/2015
wondering about commercial use of v8 of this font, please email me chaiko@shaw.ca
pylo7  16/02/2016
Hello, I am also wondering if this typo is royalty-free? Can you please let me know? pylauren.oap@gmail.com
Thanks a lot !
ibedmar  01/04/2016
Hello! I love this font. Please, can I us it for a company logo for free? let me know please. bedmar.irene@gmail.com
Hi, could I please use this font for commercial purposes? Thank you
LetiziaMele  03/06/2016
Hi Poemhaiku.
I wrote you cause I'm interested in using this font for commerical porpose. Is it possibile?

Please, contact me
Vir007  08/08/2016
Hello, how are you? I love this font! I was wondering if it was ok for me to use it for my logo. Please let me know: vir.marin@live.com
Thank you!
equint  20/02/2017
Hi, can I please use this font for my logo/website/branding? Thanks. erinlouq@gmail.com

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