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cheetahbrina909  19/08/2008
this i a really nice font..
julietaceleste  29/08/2008
I love this font VERY MUCH!!!!!!. I'd love to use it on my business, but I need your permission first. Please email me.
My e-mail is
rcrafton  17/09/2008
This is an awesome font! May I use this font for a flyer for a business I'm doing some design for? Please email me at
FuzzehBud  29/12/2008
I Love this font.Im gonna use it FOREVER
jamierai  01/05/2009
I'd love to know if you will permit use for a logo/watermark. Could you email me at lanceswife at gmail dot com? Thank you.
How do you use the fonts ???
Email me
If I want to use this for business purposes, please advise on price and license. Thank you!
carlcarl  13/10/2009
You stole this font from! it is called lima bean in their font book, although they do have another font called girls are weird.
Download the original font from the original creators, and they only allow personal use!!!!!
carlcarl  13/10/2009
oh wait- this is exactly girls are weird from kevin & amanda

lima bean is a different font but the point still remains this is a pirated font.
pricelessdancing  25/04/2010
Oh, thanks a lot >:DDD

Love this font btw :)
Junny  11/07/2010
i really like your font, I am in the beauty business and would really like to use your font for some flyers! Please e-mail me at
thank you
abby&kirby  10/01/2011
oh this is so rasist!
jackiej84  04/02/2011
great font LOve it :)
07ebamber  23/05/2011
this is not very nice. this is sexist. your approval is not needed on girls. Thanks.
twelvedaysold  10/08/2011
Jeez, can't do anything without offending someone.

This font is cute, gonna try and use it on my blog!
mp  17/02/2012
This is an awesome font! May I use this font for a business I'm doing? Please email me at
annaleahbp  09/06/2012
I would love to use this font on my first tattoo with my son that says "Breathe". Please e mail me at I can't wait to hear from you!
isa0304  09/09/2012
Nice font, but i agree with 07ebamber and twelvedaysold.
anotheramywhite  29/10/2012
I love this font! May I use it for a small commercial purpose? thank you
c4.claire  30/04/2013
i love this font too, I would also like to use it for commercial use, could you let me know the license details pleeeeaaase. thanks
Venusmuppet  05/06/2013
I'd love to use this font, Girls are weird. Not sure for what yet but when I dropped it in my mac/font folder, it is not complete.

JPruett  10/06/2013
I am interested in using this font for my business name. Can you email me at
bennydongarra  28/06/2013
would love to use this font for a logo for a product i'm working on. how would i go about getting this font for retail use.

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