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crd22  10/04/2010
I like this font a lot, but I have a few visual issues with it.
I just don't like lowercase "f" and lowercase "z".
"f" looks too much like "p", I would suggest to just disconnect the curve up top. I know it's against the style, but I think appearance is better than style continuity.
"z" is just bad, no offense.

Other than those, I think it's a great font.
marsi desino  autor de Fifont   12/04/2010
thanks for your opinion.
I have just done some changes to get better the font.
I liked z but I reconize it was a little bit confused.
efingo  13/04/2010
I have a question about your font. I want to use it for my new portfolio website and was wondering if I can use a script to embed it so everyone can see it. If not then is ok, I will use it as image.

Great font by the way :)
marsi desino  autor de Fifont   14/04/2010
Of course, it's free, you can embed it in your portfolio website.
Please, give me the web address to see the font works.
efingo  14/04/2010
It's but you should check it in couple weeks - I am working on the new version now and is not ready. But I will use your font for sure.
Thank you.
hanasus  20/04/2010
I love this font! It's so cool :)

I was just wondering... I am making album artwork on a graphics site and, because of copyright issues, they already can't use most of the images they originally did. As it is probably going to be very simplistic, I really think that a good font would make all the difference.

Of course, if you don't allow it, that's fine :)
marsi desino  autor de Fifont   21/04/2010
You can use the font
I would like see the results, if you could give me the address...
mylene10  03/06/2010

I like your font, and I actually worked on an exhibition at a museum (in France). Can I use your font to made the posters of the event?
marsi desino  autor de Fifont   11/06/2010
of course. You can use it, but if you could send me a link or a small copy of the posters I'll thank you I'd like to see the results.
lockeseven  20/07/2010
I love your work on this font. Is there a bold version available?
marsi desino  autor de Fifont   20/07/2010
Sorry, there isn't bold version

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