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luyisien  26/04/2013
I feel like download it for the YEAH.
pederosa  15/06/2013
Wow.. I like it. It's funny font. Thick either, suitable for writing words that are highlighted.
michelbg  30/11/2013
Lionika  23/07/2014
I have a small business and would like to use your font commercially could you please advise me as to the cost? Thank you!
email me at:
The Derpinator  08/10/2014
I ask to use this font for Youtube Videos, You may email me at :
assassin12721  27/11/2014
i can not download it please help
SSGames  22/12/2014
May I use this for youtube?
Contact me at:
beelzemon  15/03/2015
May I use this for a Youtube-Channel?
dannyz96  28/04/2015
I have a small business and would like to use your font. Could you please tell me how much that will be? contact me at:
Drogoroth  09/07/2015
I am a student in university and am required for a project to use commercially viable assets in the production of my coursework for my tutors would it be ok if i used this font as such for my project i will not be using it for any monetary gain.

Thank you
You may contact me at
Saucy_  13/08/2015
So what our the guidelines of this font being used for something Youtube related?
Contact me @
ThePotatoWalrus  23/01/2016
Hi there! I run a YouTube channel, may I use this font?

Contact me at:
annastavropoulos  01/02/2016
Hi! I'm representing a small mobile developer and would like to use this font commercially. Could you contact me with the details involving cost? Thank you!
tjbritt12  20/07/2016
I would like to use this font for a university poster. Are there any restrictions or do we have to pay in order to use it?
Email at
apalady  09/09/2016
I work for a nonprofit and would like to use this font for our 5k poster- do we need to make a donation in order to do this? you can contact me at
mkillian  22/09/2016
Fantastic font. I would very much like to use it for a student project. Please let me know if that will be a problem: Thanks!
aletvanwyk  06/10/2016
Hi, I'd like to use your font commercially (packaging). Please contact me regarding the cost. Thank you!
rorohong  09/12/2016
I really enjoy your font and would love to use it for commercial purposes. i will use this font in the exhibition.

Many thanks :

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