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lyrelsgirl  08/03/2007
love this - - -thank you
3tailer  16/04/2007
DipperDipper  17/04/2007
Emol  19/04/2007
It's cute~
dj_frosty02  17/05/2007
I love this font! Where can I buy it????
summerbaby  30/05/2007
i like it!
white009  07/06/2007
I agree, this font is great! Where can we buy it?
dj_frosty02  08/06/2007
hellloo??? Where can we buy this font? Anyone?
protekt  14/06/2007
I'm also interested in buying this font. Does anyone know where?
gone-with-the-wind  01/07/2007
this fotn is amazing! can you help me? im new and dont know how to make fonts
Firemoon182  29/07/2007
...Nice. You just download it, people.
orla32  14/10/2007
We like it... Where can we buy ?
Please send a answer as soon as possible
Viridis  29/02/2008
This looks almost exactly like my handwriting...except for the backwards 9. That's really the only criticism I have to make...otherwise I love this font!
rezuri  23/03/2008
Haha, This looks exactly like my handwriting. You even make the lower-case "d" the same.

My only criticism is that the lower-case "t" looks too much like a "d."
andymartin81  25/03/2008
'Free for personal use'...

But I would like to design a 'not yet established' shop logo using your font how would I go about purchasing the use of this font from you??

jaheem  01/07/2008
Would love to use it for my company logo. Is it available to purchase?
Evert100  22/07/2008
Great Font - thank you!

I would like to use for a Logo! Please can I do it?

Thank you and best regards from Switzerland!
Ralf (
alx1  29/07/2008
ldicurcio  30/07/2008
great font- one problem: when I assign a color the apostrophe's and letter"f" along with next letter disappear! any advice for a workaround? I'm on a Mac OS 10.3.9 working in Indesign.
katy unsworth  17/09/2008
Would it be possible to use your font for a logo our designer agency has designed for a new charity/foundation?
It has a great free style that we love!
stephy2119  02/10/2008
How do I legally use this font for my logo for my photography business? Can I purchase it? thanks
stephy2119  02/10/2008
Sorry i should probaly leave an email for you to reply at I would just like to use this font for advertising my photography, thanks.
gracie14  22/02/2009
its good even though i dont know how to download it!!!
daveyjay01  27/04/2009
Hello 'El'
My company intends to use your font for our project, can I get your email addy and address details so I can send you a copy of what we do.
Will1  06/07/2009
I have never been so shocked in my whole life! im tom bentley and i like to play chess. This font helped me create my chess poster for an upcoming tournament. I will thank you again Dafont you are tryly the best! Wish me luck for my chess tournament :) (L)
cornell32  20/07/2009
What is your email?
keyscrazy  07/08/2009
Hey I was wondering how I could be able to purchase this font for use on an album cover for a demo cd. Please contact me as soon as possible at
Whimsical  09/10/2009
I plan on using this font in a commercial website that I am putting together. If you could possibly contact me with your postal addy so I can send you something nifty from where I live that would be awesome! whimsyserendipity at gmail dot com
Lesbijouxdanais  20/10/2009
Hello ,
I would like to buy your font in order to use it on a French selling website.
You can contact me per e-mail at:
Lazlo70  25/01/2010
I hope they payed for using your font for a Dutch Televisionshow logo.
It's the dutch version of "Candid Camera". Check out, the owner of the show is TROS A big show over here...

Greetz Lazlo
redclogss  18/02/2010
Hi El,
Would like to use your font for my company logo.
Please email me at
kikiki  22/03/2010
Hi El, I´d love to send you the bottle of tequila or smt. else to show the appreciation (as you said:), I just cannot find your email address. Could you post it please?
jamesderen  31/03/2010
I would like to use this font for a stand-alone farm shop which I am helping set up as a graphic designer for the company I work for. Please can you give me permission to use your font as part of the logo, promotional material and signage etc.

Many thanks.
TommieLarsen  19/05/2010
Would love to purchase/have permission for use of this font for a logo. Please email me

Love the font. Thank you
Whimsical  28/06/2010
Would love to have your contact details so as to be able to send you a nice thank you for usage of your font

IntrospectDesign  25/10/2010
Hi! thanks for the font! Look, I'd like to use it professionally happy to send a donation or something from Australia, where do I send it to and what would you like from Australia! cheers
peterpanski  08/12/2010
Would love to purchase/have permission for use of this font for a logo. Please email me!
jokatsaras  06/01/2011
Hi El. Love your font. I'd like to use it professionally and am happy to donate and send you a gift from Cyprus or South Africa or both. Please e-mail me.
erinfeldman  26/06/2011
Would love to you professionally. Please email me at Thanks!
edrumm  20/11/2011
Hi there

I have a fledgling photography business and wouldn’t mind using this font as part of my logo. Can you please advise how much it would cost to get a license to use?

x1-bell  01/12/2011
Hi I would like to use this font in some art work for a children's centre - how much or would you like a nice local gift from my home town in the UK???
x1-bell  01/12/2011
CraigHeath  03/02/2012
I'm going to use your font on a brochure we're doing. Email me your address and I will send you something -
tommywun  11/03/2012
brilliant man :) really well done!
leressa  07/05/2012
Hi El,

I'll really like to use your font for my shop's website. Tried emailing you but it bounced back.

Let me know the cost of it!

matnza  13/05/2012
I love the font, but i'd like what it has accents
kristyane  24/07/2012
Great Job ! I would like to use your font for my business logo. Let me know the cost of it and the lenght time I can use it .
monhaus  23/08/2012
Hello, we would like to use this font in a website and broshure for one of our clients. Let us know the cost of it and the lenght time we can use it.

Thank you.
mariannenobin  03/11/2012
Hello El Stinger, I would like to use your font for a Rum project. Would love to have your approval. Here is my address Thank you. Marianne
L.Scoular  21/11/2012
Hello, I would like to use your font for the title on the cover of my novel and I would very much like your approval. My email is I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Louise.
Juliet Travers  05/01/2013

I am a wallpaper designer for interior furnishings and am currently designing my logo for an e-commerce website. Please may I have your approval to use the font for my logo?

Many thanks,
malscovil  30/01/2013
Hey El, we'd like to do a Photo Interview of you - you'll see your font there! Would also love to send you a Daily Spank tee-shirt (XL) from London.

Love the work.

malscovil  30/01/2013
I'm on malcolm at btw
bobford  17/04/2013
Love this handwritten font. How may I purchase it for personal use?
DJDave  03/06/2013

I would love to use your font for a poster in Sydney for a Drag Show.


thomcaptcha  05/06/2013
Hi I'd like to use the font - I'll drop you a donation too. Could you contact me and we'll discuss?
cath5000  02/07/2013
Hello just wanted to say thanks so much for the font, looking good on my thank you letter.
tingyi  07/08/2013
I need this font for works, please leave your email to me. Thanks!
lemongrasshopper  10/12/2013
Hi, I'd like to use this font for my personalized item. I'd love to send a gift for you! Thanks !
markmurphy78  09/05/2014
Hi there. Love the font and would really like to use it for my new brand. Free ice cream on its way to you if thats ok!!
chriswatney  01/07/2014
Hi, I love this font and would love to use it on my amateur football teams jersey! Could you write me please? Thanks -
ausrums  29/07/2014
I would like to design a business logo using your font. How would I go about purchasing the use of this font from you?
Right Brain  13/10/2014
Tequila (or equivalent) is on it's way. Just need your address.
Judy63  22/10/2014
I would love to use you font on an Album Cover. How do I go about purchasing this font from you.
Jaime04  27/10/2014
I would like to use your font for my logo on my clothing brand, Can you write me when you have time, thanks -
MrJimiHancock  20/02/2015
Hello, I would also like to use your font and take your offer by sending you a nice present once I've used your font. Can you please contact me since I cannot find your email address here? Mine is:

Thanks a lot

ckim790  19/03/2015
Hello! I would like to use your font for part of my brand's font. If you can contact me so I can send you an appreciation gift that would be awesome. I was going to email you but I could not find your email address. Mine is:
denise123  30/03/2015
Hi, I would like to use this font to make shirts on my etsy shop. Could i have you permission?

Thank you,


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