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Munster Studio  17/07/2010
Great! I love Bebas and its great that you have complete the font!
tedzki  17/07/2010
why does this font look so good? =)
MRfrukta  21/07/2010
kohgpat  22/07/2010
Looks great!
K Wilson  31/08/2010
Does anyone know if this is free for commercial use?? :)
onlyiwillremain  01/09/2010
The S looks rather jagged.
hossammody  13/09/2010
great ,,,,
dokluch  01/02/2011
look at number 2. what the?
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   09/03/2011

from Designer of BEBAS NEUE

If you need to contact me please visit our web site and contact from there.

faggot  28/03/2011
the S is gross looking
lonpo  19/04/2011
This is greate
LolaFreitas  02/11/2011
It's a great font, but 2 is not finished!
Directioner  27/09/2012
ok i need this font in ttf not otf :) pwease
eautoczesci  26/10/2012
Very interesting font, good for dawnloading!
Milutin  11/11/2012
Is there a posibility to add letters for this font like:đćč
malvolio  29/11/2012
VERY nice font!
Balsamic  10/12/2012
Is this free for commercial use?
Mattttt  29/01/2013
Very nice font and I use it for my website. However I have an issue with IE8... Have you already had it?
Natt  30/01/2013
I like it!!! This is my favorite Font :D
raja cetak  04/02/2013
-MngHSB  16/04/2013
en mi photoscape no abre! solo abre "BEBAS"
mattnguyenn  24/04/2013
This Font is so Perfect!
salmacordero  18/05/2013
the font is as dashing as me!!!!!!!!
Kodoichi  24/09/2013
Dharma Type simply copied the DIN 1451 font and altered it slightly by adding an awful S, R, 5 and 2.
vivo  29/10/2013
All sans serif look exactly the same as DIN1451 for Kodoichi.
freefontspro  12/12/2013
Another nice font, thanks.
peterp  17/02/2014
Love how clean and crisp this is, good work.
cnorden  24/02/2014
Hi, when o download the font the special characters () are not included. What am I doing wrong??
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   13/03/2014
Please download from
Ryoichi  autor de Bebas Neue   25/03/2014
Version1.4 will be released soon.
Fixed "S" and "2" problems
SebaKL  06/04/2014
What are best serif typefaces to go with Bebas ?
kred  13/04/2014
Yes, the "2" at present need to be reworked, out my overall impression - great font!
elenab  15/10/2014
I love this font!!! thank you thank you thank you!! :) :)
Usuario eliminado 815886  06/11/2014
great font, very clear
Kannan  17/11/2014
This is brilliant. Is there a lower case for this font? What about a similar font that can be used alongside this one?
Kodoichi  26/12/2014
vivo has no clue about typography.

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