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LeTypoman  06/06/2010
corrupted OT file...message say "invalid type format" :/
I use OT, TT & Type 1 and I never had any problems, but for this one I was forced to convert it to TTF...
neuroman  autor de Arkitech   10/06/2010
huge apology!!! I overlooked the problem, now v 1.3 has to be updated on the next Dafont update.
lighttekku  12/06/2012
The font is beautiful, but would it be possible to make the exact same font with one adjustment? It seems to me that the letter X just doesn't fit. Any words that use the letter x such as extol just seem odd. Is there any way to have a version of the font with the letter x looking more like a classic letter x?
neuroman  autor de Arkitech   19/09/2012
I have to look into this, about the X. I rarely use my own fonts :)
SpiritX  12/02/2013
Can I use this font for commercial use?
Lizglad124  02/09/2014
Did you ever get back to SpiritX on if we are able to use this font for commercial use? Thanks!
Lizglad124  18/09/2014
Neuroman, I would like to donate to use your font outside of personal use. What would you request? Thank you!

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