Alpha Silouettes

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joker518  02/08/2006
banginxula69  09/12/2006
i love diz font
DJ Shock  14/12/2006
fontymcfont  12/01/2008
DeathCryptHax0r  11/04/2008
lol, I'm using this font in my coursework
xika_stiile  28/01/2009
de viio kamiila conectate
jbobmassacre7  20/02/2010
i said to this "Hehe allllriiighht"
nickonbass  09/03/2010
could i use this for my band?
SexyySlagg:)  30/09/2011
Its a cool font and horny lool x
planettint  26/09/2012
i want this
NHC  09/01/2013
Does anyone know where I can contact the author for possible commercial use?

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